Mikron PLM is a company that focuses on the technological precision of the products it manufactures.

The spirit that has motivated the founder Engineer Domenico D’ettore from the beginning and that has remained at the basis of the company’s growth has always been to provide the customer with quality and precision.

Mikron PLM born from the right balance between study and passion for innovations in the field CAD (Computer Aided Design) in which the project is developed, in that CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) in which the projects are converted into instructions for the production machinery and finally into that CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) in which mathematical models are inserted that must be studied and launched within the computer graphics.

Mikron Plm also makes use of the CAx system (Computer-aided technologies) useful both in the management of the entire product, from design to analysis, from manufacturing to production planning, and in the testing, pre-visualization and supporting documentation phases.

The secret of Mikron Plm is undoubtedly the flexibility and versatility of the company, two elements that make it competitive in the supply of prototypes for medium-small batches (1/10 pieces) and for larger batches (10/5000 pieces). Thanks to the Kanban method we are able to organize and manage our stocks in the best possible way and thanks to our staff of professionals with proven many years of experience in the aerospace sector we guarantee Mikron customers maximum precision and high quality work. In other words, Mikron Plm is a company that is scrupulous and at the same time fast in delivering the product.