In the turning department of our precision mechanical workshop, alongside some traditional machines, there are state-of-the-art machinery such as CNC lathes and bar feeders. Thanks to our machinery, highly qualified personnel and decades of experience, we are able to ensure high precision and product quality.
We offer, on small and medium-sized products, different types of turning such as threading, facing, parting, grooving and more. All our processes can be carried out on different types of materials. We are also specialized in the production of single components, small or medium batches, even where complex mechanical processing is required.

CNC numerical control turning center

Tornio C.N. lav. Ø est. 320 L=480 P.B. 70 mm
Tornio C.N. lav. Ø est. 450 L=520 P.B. 105 mm
Tornio C.N. Motorizzato + Asse Y lav. Ø est. 250 L=320 P.B. 45 mm